[DELETED] 16:28 10 Dec 2003

i have windows xp professional and all the other stuff but the problem is my cd-rw when i load windwos xp its not present sometimes and then i have to go into find new hardware and get the computer to find it, sometimes a restart works. it is very annoying cause when i go into my copying software it cant find a cdrw to copy with.

any way i can fix this thanks.

  [DELETED] 18:02 10 Dec 2003

Hi Pau1JB. There are 3 places that there can be a problem that causes this to happen. It can be in Windows, the motherboard or the drive itself. If you have a CD-ROM drive as well as the CD-RW drive, you could swap them over (changing the master/slave selector if necessary), and see if your computer recognises the CD-RW in the new position. If it recognises the CD-ROM drive in both positions, but not the CD-RW in either, then you'll know it is the drive at fault.

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