yaesu 22:02 06 Oct 2003

Hi folks
I'm probably going to look an idiot (nothing unusual says wife!) but just installed a CD-R/RW drive (aopen) recieved as a gift from son who said "just swap it with your current cd rom drive and it'll work" which it does, as a cd rom. It'll work with already written discs but how do I get it to write to disc.
System is 98se and Nero loaded. It all appears to work up to "burn successfully completed" anouncement but drive doesn't run and disc obviously remains blank (kike me!!).
Ideas please?

  Rtus 22:16 06 Oct 2003

before attempting to burn anything ..Go to Nero > Use the Recorder Menu > choose your drive (Make sure its listed) highlight it with the mouse and click Ok ,,Close You should then Be Ok .However should list your Drive Model in the recorder menu ..If it doesnt list the drive it its not supported.....

  OneSirKnight 22:21 06 Oct 2003

and make sure your not creating ISO's that means burning your cd's to your hard drive as an image.
and always make sure that when cd has finished writing, it is FINALISED.

  woodchip 22:23 06 Oct 2003

It's not burning to the Hard Drive is it, you should be able to see as you will be losing free space on the drive. and it may have wrote them to the root of C:\ in explorer

  yaesu 22:33 06 Oct 2003

Hi Rtus,
Tnx a million, aint it easy when you know?!!!

  MikeJ101 22:38 06 Oct 2003

Main problem you had there was rubbish cd writing software - try Roxio 6 - much more user friendly

  yaesu 22:48 06 Oct 2003

Tnx everyone, I'll try all your suggestions, at least it,s working now! Yes it was writing to hard disc as an image. I've heard of Roxio so will probably give it a try. It came with Nero so tried that first.
Tnx again Yaesu

  woodchip 23:01 06 Oct 2003

Nero is better software

  Rtus 23:02 06 Oct 2003

As a foot note .. Personally I wouldn't give Roxio a try .. 1, Most drives that are bundled with software come firmware locked to that brand /version of software..leading to problems if trying other software for burning .
2, I have used Nore For some time and Never had problems with it in any way at all. I have used Ahead ,Direct CD/ Easy Cd etc. And found then equally useful, using their own supported Drives..
The last thing to say Is.. it could have been easier still If Your screens in front of me..LOL

  Rtus 23:04 06 Oct 2003

" Nore " Bally keyboard keeps forgetting to Spell .. Ahem >>>NERO<<< It t'was meant to BE.. Sorry folks..

  woodchip 23:18 06 Oct 2003

Buy a new keyboard I wouldn?t put up with that one

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