cd rom's explode!!

  [DELETED] 18:24 14 Sep 2003

hi all my sister has a problem with her pc, a game which was bought out of a shop, exploded into millions of bits, when the kids were playing it, she took the pc to a local pc man, who fitted a new cd-rom drive, this has now happened, three times, everytime she took it back they just replaced the cd-rom drive. i've never heard of this one before? any ideas??


  Forum Editor 18:31 14 Sep 2003

for a CD to shatter in a high-speed drive. The CD may have a manufacturing flaw, or even a slight imbalance in the printed material on the surface can do it. The high rotation speed sets up an oscillation, and as this gets worse the disk shatters.

To have it happen three times is almost unheard of - was it the same game each time?

  spuds 18:37 14 Sep 2003

This as been mentioned before, within the forum. If I remember rightly, it was to do with higher speed cd rom players and lower inferior cd disks.But this was in the early stages of cd manufacture and production.Considering that there are children involved, and you haven't stated if the repairman as given any oppinions as to the failure,then I would consider having a word with your local trading standards.A failure three times is not correct,by any standards.

  [DELETED] 18:43 14 Sep 2003

the game in question, was championship manager, i think it's a football game,they bought a new one after everytime it exploded

  spuds 19:48 14 Sep 2003

Championship Manager as been around sometime now, and is available from many outlets. If you still have the cd covers, I would still have a word with the trading standards. If the goods were purchased from the same source, then perhaps there are a bad batch floating around.

  Stuartli 19:52 14 Sep 2003

It's fortunate that the disks obviously shatter inside the CD-ROM.

There is research on this subject of disks shattering and it can be found via a google search.

  [DELETED] 19:59 14 Sep 2003

thanks everyone, this one had me bewildered, never heard of it happening three times, i could not get much info out of my sister, she does not have a clue about pc's, and i think her pc repair man is a bit IFFY!! anyway thanks to all posts, i will pass it onto her!


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