cd rom will not work!

  davenfish 22:23 10 Oct 2003

Allow me to appologise in advance for not knowing what im doing.
I have just aquired a samsung sc 152 and it will not work.I have been to driver guide and downloaded some drivers but the trouble is, is that i dont know what to do with them when i've got them!!I just cant believe that i cant just set the jumpers and off i go.All jumpers/ide's are set am on win 98.Iwould be very gratefull if someone could help me install it as i am not going to give up untill it's done.
Thanks in advance for anyone who helps me.

  dazzling (work) 22:37 10 Oct 2003

you should not need drivers for a cdrom windows should have them.if its connected up did windows recognise it did the new hardware wizard appear when you started up your pc? if you do need drivers double click on the file you downloaded and it should install may be commpressed so you may have to unzip it first ussually theres an icon that ends in exe or says setup double click that and see what happens.have you tried running the add new hardware wizard?darren

  davenfish 23:17 10 Oct 2003

no daz will try tomorrow thank you.

  JIM 23:22 10 Oct 2003

As said you do not need any specific driver that i can see,it is just a mater of connecting the cables after placing the drive in its bay.

Jumpers normaly would be set to far right from back of CD, M=TOP A=BOTT.Normaly factory set FOR MASTER.



Verify settings if not remove jumpers and reset in correct position you cannot go wrong with the cables or they just would not fit,they are keyed.

If you have all connections at both ends making a good contact it should only be a matter of booting up for windows to do the rest.

Do not discount a Duff product,but follow below first.Have you checked device manager to see if it exists?

Unrecognized drive

Check for power
When a CD-ROM drive fails to function, the first thing that you need to look at is whether the drive?s eject button works properly. If the eject button is working, then you can be certain that the drive is getting power. If the eject button doesn?t work, then you?ve likely forgotten to attach the power cable to the CD-ROM drive.

if the device that the new CD-ROM drive is daisy-chained to is functional, then the problem could be that the IDE cable simply isn?t firmly attached to the CD-ROM drive. Check your connection and try testing the CD-ROM drive again.

If the cable appears to be attached firmly and in the correct position, then it?s time to double-check the jumpers on both devices. Remember that one device must be set to Master mode while the other device should be set to Slave mode.

Since the CD-ROM drive is likely the newest device, you?ll probably want to set the CD-ROM drive to Slave mode since there?s a good chance that the other device is already set to Master mode.(if you have other hardware and you are not just replacing )

Remember that most CD-ROM drives come preset to Master mode, so it?s very important that you check the jumper settings.

A standalone drive

So what happens if the new CD-ROM drive is on a controller by itself? Again, verify that the IDE cable is attached correctly and that the jumper is set to Master mode.

If all of this checks out, then try checking your system?s BIOS to make sure that the IDE port that the drive is using is enabled.

On some (but not all) system boards, the secondary IDE port is disabled by default. Therefore, if you attach a device to it, you must enable the port before the system will recognize the new device. The method for accessing a system?s BIOS varies from computer to computer, but usually it involves pressing the [Delete] or [F1] key during the early phases of boot-up.

  davenfish 11:38 14 Oct 2003

When i go into device manager its there in all its glory as a Samsung cd rom the power is ok but the disc just does not spin??
Thanks for your help so far.

  Djohn 11:56 14 Oct 2003

Have you connected all three cables to the rear of the CD Drive? One for audio, one for data, [The flat wide one] and the power connector. this last one goes on the right hand side of the CD Drive as you look from the rear. j.

  Rikku 12:22 14 Oct 2003

well he just said hes gettin power to it, so power cable is in. . . drive is recognised so the ide cable is in i dont think audio would matter if he wans to read a cd so it could only be the jumper settings or a duff drive IMO do you have another drive in your computer?? if so does that allow you to read cd's at all? if both jumpers are set to master then they would cancel eachother out (at least thats how it works with HDD drives)try removing all cables from the back and re inserting mayby blow gently at the top of the cables where the connecters are to make sure there is no dust insde?? hope this has helped you, hope to hear good news soon

  davenfish 14:32 15 Oct 2003

I've put my old cd rom back in and it works fine,so it must have been the new drive.Thanks for all your help.

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