cd rom troubles

  the Rascal 05:12 08 Aug 2003

I was wanderin if anyone could tell me why on a friends pc which is runnin xp pro i took a cd disk round with a few data programs on which when it was placed in the rom drive it was saying " please insert disk".
The drive is reconising and playing audio and mp3 disks no problem,the data disk was one i had burnt on my xp computer useing nero (was not useing packet writing).This data rom of mine works on 2 of my friends xp puters no problem.
Any help would be much appreciated

  Tog 07:27 08 Aug 2003

Some CDROMs have trouble reading CDRWs or open CDRs.

  Stuartli 07:58 08 Aug 2003

Depends on how old the CD-ROM drive is - the more recent the model the more the different disk formats it will be able to read.

  Andsome 08:20 08 Aug 2003

The above comments make a lot of sense. I have burned C.D's with photo's, and data etc. I took them to a friend who had had my daughters old machine, and they would not open, I also was asked by the computer to insert a disc. When I took them to the shop who built my computer in January they opened up perfectly on one of the shops computers. Music Cd's which I have burned have played in any C.D. player that I have tried them in.

  the Rascal 06:16 09 Aug 2003

Thanks to all who replyed

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