cd rom sound intermittent and crackly

  exprog 13:41 22 Apr 2009

Windows XP, Athlon 1100. NEC DVD Rewriter.
The problem I have is with sound when a cd is played. When I play a cd the sound sometimes is intermittent and crackly. This does not always occur with the same cd, but is pretty consistent.
If played via the hard disk (MP3), the sound is ok.
I have tried the following:-
1) Replaced cable
2) Changed CD drive (several)
3. Burnt CD and it played ok on a different m/c,but doesn't on original PC.
4. Disabled drivers for EIDE and CD drive.

I am now where I have discounted everything except Motherboard or power supply.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what to try next.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:43 22 Apr 2009

Worth running a CD / DVD cleaner. There's a chance that the laser has got some dust on it.

  exprog 13:45 22 Apr 2009

Although I haven't tried this (Do not have one), I have used 4 different CD drives, and the fault occurs with every on. Assumed fault lies elsewhere from the actual drive.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:48 22 Apr 2009

Is it a SATA drive? Which cable did you replace?

  exprog 13:50 22 Apr 2009

IDE drive. Changed IDE flat cable

  OTT_Buzzard 13:59 22 Apr 2009

Try changing the DVD audio to mobo cable if you have a spare (and especially if you were using the same cable with the other drives that you tried!) 14:11 22 Apr 2009

I would suggest installing a fresh copy of windows on a seperate partition / Hard Drive, then trying this will make sure it's not a software issue without having to reformat you hard drive and have to backup all your data.

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  OTT_Buzzard 15:01 22 Apr 2009

WHAT?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 15:15 22 Apr 2009

So far you have eliminated just about all hardware issues short of replacing your motherboard.

So would suggest looking at the possibility of software issues. The best way to check is to simply test with a new installation of your operating system with upto-date drivers.

Easiest way is a intall windows on a seperate partition so you don't lose any of your old data

  OTT_Buzzard 15:26 22 Apr 2009

For starters, not all hard ware issues have been checked. It could as easily be the speakers, speaker cabling or sound processing hardware either in the PC case or outside it. Since exprog hasn't stated if any of these components have been varied you are in no position to make any kind of decision that 'you have eliminated just about all hardware issues short of replacing your motherboard'

Secondly, having two operating systems on the same hard drive can cause an innumerate amount of problems if not done properly. Did you intent to inform exprog of this? Or just wait until it all goes horribly wrong so that (s)he can contact you for paid technical advice?

Thirdly, considering a simple driver update for the relevant hardware will only take 30 minutes at most, compared to at least double that for a fresh OS install, what on earth would be the point of the fresh OS installation?

Fouth and final point: NO ADVERTISING 16:01 22 Apr 2009

exprog has already stated that playing mp3's he has no problem, so this eliminates any issues from beyond the audio output on the pc. i.e. speaker cables, speakers etc.

It is impossible to install 2 copies of windows on 1 partition, that i why i have suggested installing window on a seperate partition/ hard drive, it's a simple process that doesn't take long, the most difficult part is selecting the correct partition (i.e. not the C: drive) it take approx 1 hour to install windows (mostly the computer can be left unattended)

Trying updating the drivers is a good idea, so first try a full windows update, but often software conflicts aren't solved with just a driver update.

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