cd-rom problem

  maddie60 14:26 06 Aug 2003

recently a game I was playing on a cd-rom made a very loud bang and the monitor went black. When I looked inside the cd player the disc was compleley shattered in many pieces. The problem is Im not sure if it is a software problem or the equipment I am goin to replace the cd writer/player but for the future does this occur more frequentley than I thought or do I have to be carefull in future especially as the game was a double cd so I still have one that could be used if I feel it is safe to do so. I always thought cd,s were vertually indestrucable!!!

  JIM 14:51 06 Aug 2003

Would almost say for certain that it was a hardware fault.Sometimes a very fast spinning
cd-rom with a slightly out of true disk in could have that result.

  graham√ 14:52 06 Aug 2003

Or one with a label stuck on it!

  vinnyT 14:53 06 Aug 2003

This sometimes happens to cds', esp. if they have a fault or are old, in the faster cd drives, the vibration of the cd becomes too much, and like you say, Bang! It's not very common, but it does happen.

Maybe if you can retrieve the shattered disk and send it to the game co. they can replace it (normally a small fee in the region of £5, but you may be lucky).

As to being more careful in the future, I don't see how you can be, except for checking for visable cracks, really it's the luck of the draw.

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