CD rom phone listings.

  Johny C 03:04 24 Jul 2004

Hi Guys and Gals

I remember seeing a product dont know if it was BT but they put phone directory onto a cd and you could access it form you PC, does anyone know what this software is called as i would like to purchase it?

Many thanks.........John

  Johny C 03:20 24 Jul 2004

Or do you know if this product has reverse search listings?

many thanks......... John

  Lemur 03:39 24 Jul 2004

You might find that the free on line BT Directory Enquiries service will suit your needs. Go into There are also International sites which are very good. If interested, let me know.

  beeuuem 04:21 24 Jul 2004

You could tryclick here

  pharte 10:58 24 Jul 2004

what you are looking for is the BT phone disc phone 0800833400 to order the cost is about £35.00 per year and you can get further free credits within your one years subs if you need to. click here

very easy to use and install after you have activated it

also there is the uk info disk available from pc world or similar which has maps included but I found very confusing and awkward to use and you get a certain mumber of searches before you have to buy further credits. click here

or try online for a few free searches before you start to pay.

  Graham ® 11:16 24 Jul 2004

Loads of free sites on the web. Here's one

click here

  Stuartli 13:27 24 Jul 2004

As beeuuem rightly points out, the one you are most likely to be thinking about is

It recently released the 2004 version of its UK telephone directory, whilst its website is easy to use and very efficient at finding what information is required.

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