CD-ROM / DVD-ROM drive labels

  Laser157 15:17 23 Sep 2003

After installing a second hard drive using the Seagate DiskWizzard (superb software) my CDROM DVD-ROM and ZIP drive all went one letter down the drive list due to the additional HDD. The ZIP was Drive F but this is now the DVD. All functions fine, but the label is still ZIP. Windows (ME) will not let me edit it. Any solutions? Would taking the drive out and reinstalling it do the trick?

  Djohn 15:24 23 Sep 2003

click here and follow my post to use disk management to re-name and alter the drive letters. j.

  Laser157 16:14 23 Sep 2003

Thanks for the response Djohn. I am not on my main machine right now but will try it later. However I have Me not XP which you mention in your other posting and I'm not wanting to change the drive letter, only the label in My Computer. Under the properties of the drive there is a box for editing the label, but this is disabled for ROMs, works for the HDDs.

  Laser157 20:41 23 Sep 2003

Manage and Disk Management do not seem to be there on Windows Me. The DVD drive is correctly recognised by the system, but is described in My Computer as Zip, having retained the label for the old position of the Zip drive. Not a major problem, but just a bit messy! Any more ideas out there?

  Laser157 20:28 27 Sep 2003

I'm just 'bumping' this as it was not resolved last time. Any more ideas?

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