cd rom drive's vanished!

  mco 20:25 06 Sep 2003

hi - recently got 'tower' upgraded but they retained old 16x cd rom drive to save me money - worked fine last week when I installed something off it but today when I tried to use cd and it wouldnt install I went to control panel - system- device manager and the cdrom isnt even mentioned - how can it have disappeared? ?!(Physically the cd's go in ok; the green light goes on and it whirrs.)Got exclamation mark by IDE controllers (whatever they are) Windows offered to update them but the download wasn't certified safe and I didn't know if I dare do it. Keep getting lots of messages re MS-DOS compatibility mode and 32 - bit drivers. Oh, and 'fatal exceptions'. I'm not technical at all but am I right in thinking I should have bought a new cdrom drive? Can I find where my old one's vanished to in the system? Can I safely download this IDE update thing? Are these problems to do with mixing old with new? Sorry for the layman's language!

  bremner 20:53 06 Sep 2003

The exclamation mark menas the IDE controller is not working and without it the CD will not work. Allowing Windows to update it should resolve the problem.

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