CD Rom drive

  denali 13:30 10 Dec 2003

I have just been given a Creative 52X mx drive. Installed it and it works perfectly. Probably a stupid question but it has an orange coloured button, along with eject etc., which has "turbo" stamped on it.
Would someone be kind enough to tell me what this is for and, if I can, should use it?
Many thanks.

PS My car has a turbo drive but I am sure it is not the same thing!

  Gongoozler 14:54 10 Dec 2003

Hi denali. I'm guessing here, but other makes of CD-ROM drives have an option implemented in one way or another whereby the drive normally runs at a lower speed, usually 48x, unless a button is pressed, or held in, when the drive will run at 52x. The reason for this is that at 52x vibration is much worse, and the disk is spinning very nearly at a speed at which the plastic can no longer hold itself together, with a serious risk of the disk shattering. Considering that at 48x a full disk will be read in about 75 seconds, and at 52x it will be read in about 69 seconds, it really isn't worth the risk involved in saving the last 6 seconds. I think the 52x option is only put there for reasons of specmanship.

  Diemmess 17:36 10 Dec 2003

Think Gongoozler has the point about why it is there.

Longish time ago I had an 8088 computer which had a turbo switch that doubled the speed of the CPU to a dizzy 6 or perhaps even 8 Mhz.

There were some primitive DOS games which fell over if the speed went above 4Mhz. For all normal purposes the turbo switch was ON, whereas I think your CD could well do better without a boost!

  Stuartli 17:37 10 Dec 2003

CD players and CD-ROM drives were originaly conceived to run in real time i.e. 1x.

Then came 2x, 4x, 8x etc in the case of CD-ROM drives but now it is taking the technology to the very edge of what was first intended.

CDs can shatter - in fact a search through google will throw up several examples of scientific research into the subject - although it is still quite rare.

Is it really all that important to be able to use 52x rather than 48x maximum just to, for instance, load some software nanoseconds quicker (I'm presuming your Creative is a CD-ROM drive)?

  denali 17:45 10 Dec 2003

Thanks a lot for your response fella's. I will obviously leave the button alone. I really had no idea on these things but, on reading your answers, I already feel like a (mini?) expert.

Thanks again

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