Cd-rom & Cd-rw removed from windows

  Sbali 21:20 11 Dec 2003

Cd-rom & Cd-rw removed from Windows after uninstalling a Cd-burning software. Cannot re-install devices as Windows is not able to load the drivers. Anyone help... ( I have tried unistalling and re-installing but all in vain.)

  plsndrs3 21:24 11 Dec 2003

Can you post your operating system, the cd burning software that you have uninstalled and, if possible, the makers name for the CD drive & CD burner ....

  Sbali 22:14 11 Dec 2003

Windows 2000
466 megahertz Intel Celeron
Nero v5.5.8.2
Atapi 50X CD-R & Samsung 52-24-52

  plsndrs3 23:51 11 Dec 2003


Sorry about the late post back - been off helping others [I hope ;o)]

Removing Nero does not delete drives - I have done this on several different machines without problem. If the drives were supplied originally, they should be automatically found by Windows on a restart as drivers would still be available - although I do not know what would happen to the CD writer if you had no program there, it should still be picked up for CD reading. The only way of this becomming an issue would be if the cables had been removed, but you do not state that you have touched the actual hardware.

It is unlikely to be a registry thing, although it would do no harm to re-install Nero to see if the drives come back. May I ask why you removed this software? It is one of the better CD burning packages around and is a relatively new version - there is no major benefit, in my opinion, to upgrading to Nero 6.

Also, have you checked that the drives are listed in the BIOS/startup procedure - just in case they have been disabled?


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