CD rom

  blurdevil 02:44 03 Jul 2003

I have one CD-RW ROM 20x10x40x and a CD ROM 50x .
my CD-RW is Master and CD ROM is slave ? is this kind of setting is all rite ? becoz my manufacturer installed the CD ROM as master and CD-RW is slave and doesn't cause any problem ! but i heard my frenz said CD-RW as master is better ! so I went and change it !

Now my CD ROM doesn't seem working ! It read in bios but I insert a disc into cannot read in the CD ROM but CD-RW ROM it alrite !

is my CD ROM lens broken or something else ?

thankz for spending your time reading and solving my problems for me ! thankz..

  -pops- 06:50 03 Jul 2003

Have you tried putting it back the way it was when it worked?

I work on two philosophies:

1. If it works OK, leave it alone. (same as if it ain't broke, don't fix it).

2. Never take the advice of "friends" in regard to computers. It's very likely their computer knowledge is less than yours is.


  Wak 09:33 03 Jul 2003

It is possible that that whilst you have two drives, you may only have a single sound cable to your sound card from one of them. Therefore, the drive without the cable can only be heard through the headphone socket on the front of the drive and not through the speakers.
Try swapping the sound cable on to the other drive and see if that solves your problem.

  blurdevil 13:03 03 Jul 2003

ok ! now i follow the steps that -pop- have say !
but den it still cannot read my disc as before..!

my solutions now is :
1 ) get a new CD-ROM
2 ) continue fix the problem

wak, let me give u the whole details of my computer !

P3 800MhZ
512 SD RAM
Aopen 34pro Motherboard
Acer Cd-RW
Acer Cd-ROM
Geforce4 MX 420
60 Gig
240V power supply

I think thats all !
for the sound all is onboard !

  Wak 15:50 03 Jul 2003

I realise that the sound is all on board.
What I am saying is that you might only have one of your drives (either CD-RW or CD-Rom) connected to the sound card.
The drive which isn't connected to the sound card might only be heard through headphones plugged into the front of the drive.
Put an audio CD disc into each drive in turn and see if you can hear them both through the speakers.

  blurdevil 13:27 05 Jul 2003

but the problem is my CD-ROM never read the disc also ! I insert the disc inside...and wait..
nothing happen..

later i eject the disc it stay the same position i put before that !

  Wak 15:15 05 Jul 2003

If the disc is always in the same position as it was when you put it in, then the disc is obviously not rotating.
Therefore I would suspect either a faulty CD Rom drive or a bad electrical connection.

  Legolas 15:23 05 Jul 2003

I might be stating the obvious but make sure the cables are in correctly and you could try cleaning the CD-ROM drive with a cleaning disk you can get them from dixons or most electrical stores.

  keith-236785 16:49 05 Jul 2003

if you have changed the drives then you should also have changed the jumpers on the rear of the drives (from slave to master on the cdrw and from master to slave on the cdrom), then they should work.

as far as i know it is better to have the two cd drives on different ide cables, makes for faster copying.

  blurdevil 05:14 06 Jul 2003

paperman27 : as far as i know it is better to have the two cd drives on different ide cables, makes for faster copying.

I dun get this statement to use different IDE cable ?

  Stuartli 08:40 06 Jul 2003

Have you checked the simple things such as whether the power cable and audio cable are connected properly to the CD-ROM and that the IDE cable has not come loose either at the rear of the drive or the mobo?

I once had this problem appear suddenly - everything was missing in Device Manager but listed when in Safe Mode.

Eventually I discovered that whilst moving the IDE cables to one side to improve air flow, I had inadvertently pulled out the IDE cable from the joint socket on the motherboard; because it was amidst a mass of cables it was not immediately obvious.

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