carolineann 20:40 24 Nov 2004

is no longer working in the little girls computer next door. It's the same as an old one I have in the loft . Is it a difficult job to take out of mine and replace in her's.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:45 24 Nov 2004

No - it is simple to do. Just ensure that the jumpers are set the same on the replacement (ie as slave / master) as on the original.

  Carpigiani 20:46 24 Nov 2004

Very easy job. Just take the faulty one out of the case a fit the new one.
Make a note of the jumper settings of the drive (Master/Slave)& make sure the replacement is set the same.

  VoG II 20:46 24 Nov 2004

Pretty easy. Usually held in by a couple of screws on either side of the PC case. It will then slide out through the front when you undo these and disconnect the cable. Make sure the cable is secure at both the drive and motherboard ends before closing the PC case.

  Graham ® 20:50 24 Nov 2004

Take out of the loft first.

  carolineann 20:54 24 Nov 2004

going to do it tonight so I will leave this open just in case I have any problems, and need to come back to you.

  carolineann 20:57 24 Nov 2004

Thank's for that. All those spiders.yuk.

  JIM 21:02 24 Nov 2004

a visual aid minus spiders etc.

click here

  woodchip 21:04 24 Nov 2004

Check the red wire on both plugs go back the same way round

  carolineann 23:48 24 Nov 2004

Thanks for the link.

very useful.

everything working ok.

One happy little girl.

Thank you everyone.

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