Barrykneeshaw 22:44 22 Mar 2004

Just before Xmas I reported to the PC Advisor Help room that my PC had ceased to recognise my CD-ROM. Advice was simply to replace it, which I did, & it worked, for 2 months, & then it did precisely the same again. There is obviously something more fundamental wrong. Someone said that perhaps there is something wrong in the Registry. What on earth is the registry? And would this affect hardware anyway? If it is possible that there is something wrong with the Registry where can I get software to "clean out" the Registry. I do not want to have to buy yet another CD-ROM read-write drive & am worried that each time I have to get a new drive it will eliminate my being able to install that make of CD-ROM again. Anybody out there can help?

  smudge101 23:06 22 Mar 2004

On the Desktop right click on 'My Computer' and select 'Properties'.
Then select 'Harware' and then 'Device Manager'.
is you CD rom listed in the list of hardware?
If it is right click on it and select 'Properties'
Uninstall the device and then restart windows, it should auto detect th cd rom and install the neccessary drivers.
If the cd rom is not listed, post again and we will see where we go from here

  Stuartli 09:15 23 Mar 2004

The basic Windows CDROM driver is all that is required for a CD-ROM drive - it could be that a lead, cable or power supply plug is not fitted properly.

If you are able to detect that the drive is present in Device Manager in Safe Mode then the poor connection is the most likely cause.

It is very unlikely to be something to do with the registry and you should avoid attempting to probe its depths unless you know exactly what you are doing.

  temp003 09:57 23 Mar 2004

Agree with Stuartli that it's unlikely a registry problem, especially if the CD drive has been working for 2 months.

Check the ide and power connections again. Go into BIOS and see if it's detected. Use Auto in BIOS.

If it's not detected in BIOS (or sometimes detected sometimes not), and the connections are fine, then it may be down to the IDE channel. If there's a spare connection to use, try connecting the CDROM to another IDE connection to see if it makes any difference.

There is a possibilty that a registry problem might have caused it, but only if you recently uninstalled CD burning software just before the CD drive problem occurred. I remember reading about CD drives not being recognised after uninstalling Roxio, and certain entries in the registry need to be deleted before the CD drive is recognised again.

But if the drive has been working for 2 months, this is not a likely cause.

  Barrykneeshaw 22:29 02 Apr 2004

Smudge - thanx but cd-rom is listed & apparently working correctly - uninstalled it, & it re-installed automatically - 'cept it aint reading any kind of CD! Oh Well!

Stuartli - have removed the CD-ROM & re-connected it. Still no joy! Thanks anyway.

Tempo003 - BIOS thinks it's there - but what's a spare IDE channel? I'm still learning - no idea what one is! Never had any CD-Burning software on it before I installed the replacement CD-ROM (Nero came with it), only had whatever came with Windows XP.

  ted bear 01:52 03 Apr 2004

i used to get this problem - i found out through trial and error that it was caused by one of my game cd's(medal of honour in my case). the disk would sometimes spin without loading and when i ejected - no cd player - later found out that it was caused by version 4.0 of nero - updated to 6.0 and had no problems since. why it only happened with moh i have no idea. i had never had roxio on my system btw.

  Stuartli 08:54 03 Apr 2004

An elderly friend of mine had the same problem the other day - his CD-ROM drive had been working perfectly but then refused to work at all.

When I nipped round I found the drive was not listed in Device Manager, but was when in Safe Mode (he uses Windows 98SE).

I then discovered that, for some reason, the Disconnect This Device box had been checked in the drive's Properties. Unchecking it (still in Safe Mode) restored the status quo.

But it still remains a mystery as to why the drive had been disconnected.

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