CD Ripping Software

  morddwyd 15:36 12 Oct 2011

Trying to rip a few CDs for the car but the software I have tried seems to be using a database far removed from what is actually on the CDs!

Any recommend a decent programme with a reliable database?

Don't mind paying for a half way decent programme.

  catpwss 17:34 12 Oct 2011
  catpwss 17:34 12 Oct 2011
  catpwss 17:35 12 Oct 2011

Sorry I Clicked twice.OOOOOOOOOOps.

  john bunyan 17:42 12 Oct 2011

Even if you don't have an iPod, iTunes is free and does what you want. I believe (free) Audacity is ok; I also have a paid for version of Roxio but it has so many other features such as a photography section I don't use that I do not think I would buy it. However in combination with iTunes it quickly identifies most music (eg when I use Audials8 to record FM radio MP3's) it provides artist, artwork etc. Have a look at iTunes, Audacity and Roxio Creator via Google! I assume you want to assemble compilation CD's? Burn in audio format unless your car can recognise MP3.

  hiwatt 19:31 12 Oct 2011

Audacity wont "rip" audio from a cd it is audio editing/recording software.If it's just to rip audio from a cd to create another cd windows media will do this just fine also winamp too!

  hssutton 19:37 12 Oct 2011

I just use Windows Media player

  Strawballs 19:43 12 Oct 2011

Same here WMP

  morddwyd 19:58 12 Oct 2011

Thanks for the responses.

Tried WMP first but it simply defaults to the inaccurate software I've already mentioned.

If I uninstall the software there is no "Rip" option with WMP.

  john bunyan 13:24 13 Oct 2011
  rdave13 14:38 13 Oct 2011

What player do you have in the car? In WMP go to tools- options- rip music then select WAV (lossless) or if your car player plays MP3 use that.

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