rotormota 20:19 15 Aug 2005


I am about to start putting all my audio CDs on to a hard drive (as Mp3s) using MusicMatch Jukebox.

I am wondering whether to stick to the 96kbps CD quality rip speed or increase this to a higher value for improved sound. I realise this would make a bigger file size but that is not an issue really. Would a speed of 256kbps make a big improvement in sound for instance?


  stalion 20:25 15 Aug 2005

mp3's are best at 128kps or higher

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:35 15 Aug 2005

Personally I would use 192 or 256 and you will get quality that is as good as most least I do.


  rotormota 20:42 15 Aug 2005


In MusicMatch on my PC it states that 96 is CD quality though I have to say that my Pioneer DVD/HD recorder rips Cds at 256 into Mp3?

  rotormota 20:56 15 Aug 2005

Sorry, it says 128 is Cd quality.

  DieSse 21:20 15 Aug 2005

Did you know that UK copyright laws do not allow you to do this?

One of the issues about bad aspects of copyright law that we've been discussing in th P2P forum.

Note - this is not a complaint from me about what ou plan to do.

  rotormota 22:10 15 Aug 2005


Correct me if I'm wrong, but for home use it is perfectly OK?

In addition I have already purchased the CDs in the past & am archiving them to a hard disk so I have already paid my dues to the artist/s.


  DieSse 23:12 15 Aug 2005

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but for home use it is perfectly OK?"

You're wrong - it's not allowed by the current law.

  DieSse 23:14 15 Aug 2005

Please note - as I said - I'm not criticising what you're doing - I'm complaining about the state of the law.

  Widows Son 14:28 16 Aug 2005

click here

Its free and I find quicker and easier than Musicmatch - NB in order for it to look up the cddb for track names you have to put your email address (or something that looks like an email address like [email protected])under options/settings/remote cddb

Oh and I find 192kbs ideal

  ACOLYTE 15:42 16 Aug 2005

You wont hear much sound quaility improvement from 128kbs upwards unless you have exceptional hearing.The size at witch you rip is only really limited by the space on your hard drive more Kbs the bigger the file,you may want to consider if you plan to copy them back to a cd at some point
that the smaller the file the more files you can get on the cd.It may also depend on what MP3 codec you use as to the quaility you get some are better than others.

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