CD ReWriters

  LewWeb 20:05 13 Jan 2005

What is the precise and exact function of a CD ReWriter and how essential is it to your PC System?
There is a lot of 'jargon' and a lot of technical 'splurge' surrounding this particular item, would like it explained to me in simple terms and in 'Queens English' !!

  Technotiger 20:13 13 Jan 2005

Hi, CDRW is not essential. It's function is simply to enable the production of CD's containing files/data at the user's discretion, for later use in many different applications.

  pb457 20:15 13 Jan 2005

A CD rewriter allows you to transfer data to another place by burning it on to CD. You can also create music CD's and VCD's. If you want to put all your photos on to CD and watch them on your DVD player then yes you should buy one. Or if you want to create your perfect music CD with all the tracks you like.
the CD-R 52* refers to how quickly it will burn to CD. a CD-R can only be burned once whereas a CD-RW can be burned many times a standars CD rewriter will burn at 52* 24* 52*.
The first 52 is how quickly it burns CD-R's
The 24 is how quickly it burns CD-RW's
The last 52 is how quickly it reads CD's. They are also relatively cheap these days although i would go for a DVD rewriter because they burn DVD's and CD's and even act as a DVD player.
The advantage of a DVD rewriter is that you can get alot more data on to the CD.
Hope this Helps

  Buchan 35 22:13 13 Jan 2005

Everything technotiger(what are you doing out of bed?) and pb457 said, and it`s also useful for backing up your system/HDD, and recently I found that because of my lack of knowledge of such things I was able to send CD`s of a Christmas Card to the WHOLE family. Get one you`ll find loads of reasons for using it.

  Buchan 35 22:16 13 Jan 2005

Mine is a DVD CDRW, so I can view films on the PC when `she who must be obeyed` is having a `girlie` night. Don`t ask .

  Buchan 35 22:20 13 Jan 2005

LewWeb, sorry about this but a quick message to technotiger, Thanks very much for the restored photo, just what I wanted

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