CD rewriter not working in Windows 98

  Jonathan314159 15:42 04 Mar 2003

I've got a new computer and want to transfer the old data to the new machine. The easiest way (I think) is to use a CD rewriter - it's not physically possible to connect the two computers together (they're too far apart).

The new machine runs XP and has a nice CD rewriter drive. I've tried popping the drive into the old computer (which runs on W98) replacing its CD Reader drive. Although the new drive can read CDs it doesn't recognise CD-Rs and so I can't write to them.

Everything else seems correct eg the jumpers seem to be in the correct position, the CR rewriter works fine in the new computer.

Any ideas? Do some rewriters need later operating systems than W98?

  ©®@$ђ 15:48 04 Mar 2003

have you got any software on you old machine that can be used to burn

either nero or easy cd creator

  woodchip 15:51 04 Mar 2003

You need to do it the other way round, put the old drive in the new computer do not forget to set the jumper for what you want it to be seen as also go to cmos setup when starting and auto detect the drive I would run the as slave until you have copied your files

  Jonathan314159 15:56 04 Mar 2003

I've got Nero.

Woodchip- not sure I understand. Do you mean put the old hard disc in the new computer? Bit scary, but sounds sensible.

Would still be curious as to why the CD writer dive doesn't work...

  woodchip 16:05 04 Mar 2003

The reason it will not work in your old drive is that you need the software for it. Like Easy CD Creator or Nero but that is dependent on wether the software can recognise you Writer. That's why it would be easier to transfer the drive Temporary

  Jonathan314159 16:13 04 Mar 2003

Surely I've got the software for it - I've installed Nero, but Nero won't recognise the re-writer drive in the old computer.

I've also got Easy CD Creator, and haven't tried that, so I'll give it a go. And if that fails I'll see if I'm capable of moving the hard drive across.

  Jonathan314159 22:22 04 Mar 2003

Thanks for responses.

Seems to have been a problem with my Nero installation. Uninstalled it, put Easy CD Creator on instead and it worked fine.

  MIke 22:37 04 Mar 2003

Interestingly I found with Nero that it would only recognise my CD Writer if installed as master on my primary IDE channel and not as slave, neither would it detect the cd writer at all on the secondary IDE channel. This of course means my c drive has to be a slave on the primary channel.

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