hugh-265156 01:27 11 Oct 2004

you cannot go wrong really when it comes to the latest cdrw drives these days, regardless of manufacturer. all the latest cdrw drives are fast when burning and reading discs nowdays.

my recomandation: the drive i have myself is a sony crx230a, cost about £25 and works well for me using win XP. its based on a liteon drive but with different casing and its still x52/x32/x52.

you will find this with most unknown brands of cdrw drives ie/ they are branded as some name you have never heard of but they use internals from a well known brand and they add thier own external casing. buy any modern x52 cdrw drive and you will be fine regardless of make as regards to performance.

if you want dvd re writers then i would be more picky maybe. this i dont know much about really sorry.

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