CD rewritable not playing

  micklemouse 10:22 11 Apr 2006

I have been able to play cd-writable discs on my Hifi system no problem. These discs were given to me by friends before I had my own CDRW drive. Now that I have put some tracks onto a cdrw dis both in mp3 and wma format, the hi-fi won't play it and ejects the cd. I have tried playing it on the pc and it works fine. Am I right in thinking that perhaps the hifi won't play rewritable cd's?

Shame, because I'd love to hear them as the sound quality is so much better. I use Nero software for burning and a Sony rewritable drive.

Any suggestions?

Regards Micklemouse

  Hertz Van Rentyl 10:29 11 Apr 2006

copy and burn to write once media.

  Stuartli 10:42 11 Apr 2006

As Hertz Van Rentyl points out, use CD-Rs - their reflectivity level is far superior to CD-RW media which some players may have difficulty in reading.

You can use a CD-R in multisession form if necessary to keep adding tracks until the disk is full; it should be Finalised before the final burning session.

  micklemouse 10:44 11 Apr 2006

but can I use a cd-r in the cd-wr drive I have now or will I have to replace it?

  The Spires 10:44 11 Apr 2006

Some players just will not play re-writable discs.

  micklemouse 10:54 11 Apr 2006

God I must be daft, yes it does write CD-R lol sorry to waste your time if you've bothered to answer that last question of mine.

Thanks for support,


  GroupFC 10:54 11 Apr 2006

"but can I use a cd-r in the cd-wr drive I have now....." - Yes.

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