CD recognition

  dougthethug 12:39 27 Dec 2004

XP Explorer recognises the CD drive, but won't read any CD's. Drive has power and spins disc for short while, makes a clicking noise every couple of seconds then stops. Any suggestions?

  [email protected] 12:53 27 Dec 2004

open the box check your cable to the cd drive is fully pushed home on both the mobo & the cd drive similarly the power cable sounds like connection is loose
if this fails go to device manager if your Cd is shown right click on it update the drivers
try again

  Dorsai 12:54 27 Dec 2004

If the drive then reports that there is no CD in it, it sounds like the lazer in the drive has failed. Given the cost of new drives, it's not worth looking into a repair.

It might be worth checking that the IDE ribbon cable has not worked loose from the back of the drive or board, but it is unlikey to have, unless you have just re-located the PC.

  alan227 12:54 27 Dec 2004

Have you had a look in device manager to see if their are any problems also how old is the drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:13 27 Dec 2004

1. check drivers in device manger

2. check cables inserted correctly also swap them over for a double check.

3. read laser failed had one of these go before

  dougthethug 09:22 07 Jan 2005

All cables and connections are good. Device manager is showing all is working. Coincidence that is 12 months months to the day the I bought the PC?

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