CD -R keep Open - how?

  fpg 15:22 15 Aug 2004

What is the setting in Roxio Easy CD DVD Creator for keepng a CD-R open for multi burns until the CD is full?
Project settings refer to choices - ISO 9660, UDF102, and Joliet Bridge What do these mean and do?

  Graham ® 15:31 15 Aug 2004
  Graham ® 15:31 15 Aug 2004
  Graham ® 16:25 15 Aug 2004

I don't have Roxio, but search the help files for 'finalise'. Try their forum click here;jsessionid=MB24MEDDSIXMVLAQAMGBVQVMCACAWIV0

  Graham ® 16:26 15 Aug 2004

Thought that was too long! click here

  fpg 18:24 15 Aug 2004

Thanks Graham - I am somewhat wiser after following your leads but will need to post the Q on the Roxio site to get a user's answer on how to do it. Can't believe that it is not an obvious choice on the Roxio menu

  fpg 23:39 18 Aug 2004

Finally worked it out.
In Roxio use "Drag to Disk" for multi session writing on one CDR until it is full.

  SEASHANTY 00:05 19 Aug 2004

Just open the Roxio application and click on "help" to bring up all the info
A session is a recorded area on a CD containing one or more music or data tracks. A CD can have either a single session (as is the case with most music CDs) or multiple sessions, which are called multisession CDs.
To make a multisession CD:

1. To record the first session, follow the instructions in either Making a Data CD or Making a Music CD. Before you start recording, do the following:

· In the Record CD Setup dialog box under Options, select Finalize Session. Don't Finalize CD as the record method.

· If the first session is part of a data CD, we recommend that you record the CD in the Mode 2: CD-ROM XA format. (From the File menu, select CD Project Properties).

2. When you are ready to add another session to the CD, insert the CD into your CD-Recorder and follow the instructions again in Making a Data CD.

3. When prompted to add another session to the CD, select Yes.

4. Continue with the instructions in Making a Data CD.

  SEASHANTY 00:08 19 Aug 2004

.....and also select "DO NOT FINALIZE CD"

  fpg 18:12 23 Aug 2004

Thanks SEASHANTY for the definitive answer. I tried the search in Roxio with a few words but without success for multi-sessions.

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