CD-r fix's

  TCone 14:01 15 Jul 2003

i saved files to cd-r now my computer can't read it,the computer trys but then there something I can down-load to help fix the disk and get my files back,

  BurrWalnut 14:34 15 Jul 2003

Did you "close" them off?

If you didn't, put them in the RW drive to read them.

  TCone 15:04 15 Jul 2003

there were other files on the CD-r - my kids took out the DC then did something with the file that were being down loaded...I have tried to re-write those files, but as I said the computer is not even readinf the CD, it freezes and say cannot read CD...

  BurrWalnut 15:18 15 Jul 2003

You didn't answer my first question but never mind.

Let me try another one, in your first post you said you couldn't read the CD-R, now you're saying you can't rewrite files. What is the problem? If you list it here in full someone will be able to help you.

Also what does this mean "...took out the DC then did something with the file that were being down loaded.."?

  TCone 19:05 15 Jul 2003

ok..there were files on the cd-r, i then wanted to save other files ti the cd, this was in the process of happening when one of my kids took out the cd, they then deleted the files that were being down loaded. found the down loaded files and tried to re save them to disk,thats when I found the computer could not read the disk, the disk is in cyclik mode, which meeans it keeps goinfg round but the computer can not open it. can you help

  BurrWalnut 19:27 15 Jul 2003


What software are you using to write to the CD-Rs?

  TCone 20:06 15 Jul 2003

windows XP ....

  BurrWalnut 08:09 16 Jul 2003


I'm sorry I can't help you, as I'm not familiar with that software.

Someone who knows it will pop up and answer you.

Good luck.

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