cd-r and cd-rw manufacturers

  oseven 16:15 13 Feb 2004

Whats the procedure for finding the actual manufacturer of cd-r and cd-rw blank discs.I know it can be done I have just forgotten how.

  hugh-265156 16:19 13 Feb 2004

if you have nero,use the nero infotool.

  hugh-265156 16:20 13 Feb 2004

ps.more info click here but a bit out of date.

  oseven 16:38 13 Feb 2004

have already tried nero info tool ,but it only
tells me it's a blank disc not mfgs. name,

  hugh-265156 16:43 13 Feb 2004

in the "extended information" section under the disc tab look for "medium info"

  oseven 13:20 14 Feb 2004

Thanks for your perseverance in trying to answer my query, but I must have a different version of Nero to you .I have 5.5.10 and it does not have an Extended info. tab that I can see.It does have a Medium Information button on the tool bar,but this only tells me that the "medium is empty" not the name of the manufacturer.

  oseven 19:27 14 Feb 2004

Was looking in wrong place for info tool.Now found and problem solved.Many thanks.

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