CD-R burn only once?

  Kegsy 12:55 31 Oct 2003

I've always been told by various people that you can only burn data to a CD-R once, ie. you can't come back later and put more data on, Is that right? perhaps its different for audio and text?

  johnnyrocker 13:02 31 Oct 2003

i am told that provided you dont finalise the session ie create a multi session burn you should be able to add but not remove data


  WaiKent 13:04 31 Oct 2003

CD R can only be burnt once and closed session. but if you havent closed the session audio cannot be listened to on your player. and you cannot delete the data no matter what.

  Taff36 13:05 31 Oct 2003

Not right I`m afraid. You can certainly add additional data but when you "reopen" a CD to do so you lose a certain amount of additional space.

Suggest you have a look in the help files for the software you are using. Type in "multi-session" or "adding data" or "Closing disk".

Some software does all this automatically - I think XP`s built in software does so.

  johnnyrocker 13:08 31 Oct 2003

audio can be listened to on a cd not finalised but as it is not closed the audio selected may not be the same as the title says because there is no file info to refer to.


  SGT BARNES 13:12 31 Oct 2003

if you use the xp burning software to burn data you can burn to the cdr as many times as you like until the cdr is full.

if doing music cd's to listen to on a cd player then you wont be able to burn anything else to as the cd gets finalised or closed.

  Hyperangelic 14:10 31 Oct 2003

Most software allows you to burn multisession CDs, which append further data to a CD-R. As WaiKent says, you can't delete data off a CD-R, although you can hide data in some s/w by choosing New Disk when appending, and this overwrites the table of contents for the disk.

Some older operating systems have problems with multisession however, and will only read the last session burnt.

  graham√ 14:18 31 Oct 2003

Is that the reason your saved music CDs are not the same as the titles on your jpeg thread?

  johnnyrocker 14:20 31 Oct 2003

possibly but i cant be sure but i am watching this thread with interest.


  Kegsy 14:26 31 Oct 2003

Okay, thanks everyone, that clears it up for me

  Stuartli 15:24 31 Oct 2003

You CAN use CD-R media in multisession form to store small programs, utilities or anything else you wish - I do it all the time as CD-Rs are much more reliable for storage than CD-RW due to superior reflectivity levels.

You do need to finalise each disk when it is full as well as keep a record of each file(s) added, otherwise you will lose track..:-)

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