redsforever 20:35 13 Jul 2003

Ive got a Lite-on cd rewriter, less than 12 months old and not been used a great deal. Lately every cd i try to burn comes up with a write error message and aborts - i tried different batches of cds so its not them - is there any way i can test if its had it - do they usually last very long?

  woodchip 20:41 13 Jul 2003

Are you trying to coppy from another CD or Hard Drive

  redsforever 20:43 13 Jul 2003

trying to copy another cd and also compile a cd from various cds.

  woodchip 20:54 13 Jul 2003

If it fail's from Hard drive then there may be something wrong with your windows setup

  redsforever 21:28 13 Jul 2003

ive just burnt a 700mb vcd from the hard drive with no problems - however am still getting a write error when copying or compiling from cds - should i just copy the cd onto hard drive and burn from there?

  Ironman556 21:46 13 Jul 2003

What CD writing software are you using?

Some audio cd's have copy protction now, maybe that's the problem?

You can try using Simple from click here to extract the audio to hard disk first. If you can't get onto the site try again later or tomorrow, it's a good free program, but is on free hosting so has a limit to how much can be downloaded.

  redsforever 21:52 13 Jul 2003

have tried copying a cd to the hard drive and then burning it - again write error - tried a different cd using the simulation mode (fed up throwing cds away now) failed again- having successfully burnt a cd in data mode i am at a loss as to why i keep getting these write errors...

  redsforever 21:54 13 Jul 2003

am using nero -as far as the copyright goes have burnt copies of the same cd off before with no problems..

  woodchip 23:19 13 Jul 2003

You need to get a CD riper, some Burning software as the extra included. rip the tracks to HD then burn from Hard Drive

  jazzypop 23:22 13 Jul 2003

Try downloading Musicmatch from and burning from that - it will at least let you know whether it is a hardware or software issue.

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