darklord 19:39 15 Jan 2003
  darklord 19:39 15 Jan 2003

While in australia my frends put there photo on "Kodak CD-R Ultima 80" 700 MB which is load with photo while on holiday so far so good.

But arrive home put disk in PC no way could we open any files. Is there a difference between UK and Australia with CD-ROM drives? and is there anyway to access the files?

thanks trek1071a

  Gemma 19:58 15 Jan 2003

I suspect that the CD has not been "closed" i.e finalised when it was burned and so cannot be opened by your PC. Normally an un-closed CD can only be read in the drive that made it.

If you haven't already and have a CD-R drive, try to use the CD to add a file to it. You may luck out and be able to close it and get some diagnostic information that will help other forum members.

  DieSse 21:30 15 Jan 2003

Look here for a PhotoDisk software download.

click here

  Tog 21:30 15 Jan 2003

If you used adaptec software to create the CD-R, there is a scandisk utility available from their website which can correct the error of an unclosed session.

  DieSse 21:46 15 Jan 2003

Sorry ignore my post - i misread your question.

  Bagsey 21:59 15 Jan 2003

I read your posting with interest and some confusion because I use CDr to store photos and use Nero to burn open session storage. I have never had trouble reading my cds on a lot of different computers. PCs and Macs. Can you explain how I can do this please as I never have closed the sessions so far so that I can add more photos to the CD.?????

  Gemma 09:54 16 Jan 2003

I think most of the "answerers" on this forum try to keep it simple to avoid confusion and very long exchanges of postings to dig out the detail of a problem. It is very easy to lose yourself in here!

CD writing is very complex (many standards, many implementations, lots of software, lots of firmware in the drive's logic...)

In your case I believe you have multisession support which allows the disk to be written to multiple times, each go being a session. Finalising the disc, makes it read only and prevents further data being added. Why? Imagine giving a disc to a print shop and getting it back with someone else's idea of family photos on it...

There's plenty of stuff on the Web, try this for starters: click here


  Bagsey 09:48 17 Jan 2003

Many thanks for your pointer. It has explained things which I didnt know. It has opened more questions than it answered though and I will be posting again in this forum when I get my brain into gear.
Thanks again

Arthur Baker

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