Dave from Miami 15:38 23 Oct 2003

For data disks -- which is better TAO or DAO?
By better I mean (a) most accurate -- for single session, and (b) which can be copied to a variety of computers.

For music -- which is best?
By best, I mean a disk which will play on a variety of players, computers, etc.

Thanks in advance.
Dave in Miami

  AL D. 15:50 23 Oct 2003
  Stuartli 16:12 23 Oct 2003

Or here:

click here

Hundreds of articles..:-)

  Dave from Miami 02:33 25 Oct 2003

Thanks for pointing me to hundreds of articles -- but they are for techies.

So my basic, newbie Qs are:

(a) To back up data in a single session on a disc which can be copied to a variety of computers at a later date -- which is better (re accuracy) TAO or DAO?

(b) For audio discs, I gather the best method is DAO.


Dave in Miami

  david4637 15:18 26 Oct 2003

I would be interested in a reply to Dave's query. Thanks - another Dave

  DieSse 15:23 26 Oct 2003

If you're talking about a single session to give a closed CD, which can then be read as a standard CD on other systems, use DAO.

  grabster 15:27 26 Oct 2003

I myself only use DAO for all... data,audio whatever and have no problems with using disks on other pc's at all.

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