CD program to memory stick no go -Why?

  jack 11:33 14 Jan 2010

My General Purpose machine has currently no Optical drive installed[The Graphics machine needs a 'Burner Drive'- So pulled it off the former and installed on the latter - that's OK.]
and have yet to install a replacement to the GP machine.

I Needed to install another printer into the GP machine - but how?
I know load the driver CD into graphics machine thence to a memory stick, that should do it, I thought.
But it didn't- Nothing happened at all in terms of loading a driver.
Why was that?

  MAJ 11:39 14 Jan 2010

Either, open the folder containing the driver files (from the USB drive), look for and double-click on a file named "Setup.exe", or go to the printer manufacturer's website and download the relevant drivers to your USB drive and install from there. Be aware, the drivers might come in a .zip file which you'll hsve to unzip first.

  Pineman100 14:15 14 Jan 2010

As Maj has suggested, it's likely that your drivers are failing to load from the memory stick.

Much easier just to download the drivers from the printer manufacturer's website.

  jack 14:55 14 Jan 2010

I have infact installed from the Printers website
The question arose how or why the CD to Stick did not work - it also applied to another printer program.
It seems something does not carry over from CD to Memory stick specific to a particular software.
For example I have in the past 'made - up' programs by transferring 'Auto run or Set up from one application to another where it was missing - and it worked.
This time it has not.
Just another puzzlement - not the end of the world.

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