CD problem

  gangad 22:08 10 Sep 2004

My grandsons were fighting in the room where the computer is. Guess what! they cracked the tower case (grumble, grumble, grumble). No other damage it still worked fine, just didn't look good.

So I've been and bought another, fitted all the internals, turned on and it works fine other than the combi drive, won't work at all. When I double click my computer it's not there. It works in my daughter's so it's not the drive that's at fault.

Any ideas please?

  Cuddles 22:13 10 Sep 2004

Try going into the BIOS before the computer boots into windows and autodetect all the drives on ide primary and secondary, have you got the connectors connected the right way round?

  Timeout 22:25 10 Sep 2004

The connectors are right, I labeled them before I removed them, it's the same motherboard, drives and all, just a different tower.

And I've tried the BIOS, it's visible there.

  Timeout 22:34 10 Sep 2004

Sorry gangad's my Dad and I've just logged on and taken over his thread forgetting that you wouldn't know there are 2 of us here.

Still the same problem though - combi drive doesn't work and we don't know why.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:42 10 Sep 2004

check in device manager if the combi drive is showing with a yellow exclamation mark.

Remove from device manager (uninstall) then re install (scan for hardware changes or add new hardware)

  Cuddles 22:50 10 Sep 2004

Have you got enough drive letters showing, so it shows up in control panel?

  gangad 23:21 10 Sep 2004

No it doesn't show up in my computer.

Fruit Bat /\0/Will try that as soon as I can. It's a bit late to be fiddling around now. Will get back asap.

Thanks all

  Cuddles 16:30 11 Sep 2004

When you put a cd in the drive does it autoplay, i realise that it does not show in my computer, what i meant was have you got a drive letter assigned to it so it shows an entry.

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