CD player won't read any disks

  Tracey Hendra 18:43 13 Jul 2018

I have an FA166DAB Micro System and the CD player has suddenly stopped reading disks. I've tried a CD cleaner but it's not reading that either. As it's a drop down CD, its obviously impossible to see inside so I was wondering if there's anything I could do or would I have to take it to a professional?

  alanrwood 18:55 13 Jul 2018

Sounds as though the laser lens has become dirty or gone kaput. It bprobably needs thoroughly cleaning with a cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol so if you cant do it let a pro try.

Alternatively replace the CD unit, they are cheap enough.

  KEITH 1955 19:12 13 Jul 2018

don't be offended when I ask this but are the cd's that wont play original's or copies. The ONLY reason I ask this is because I have an expensive hi fi so I burn cd's via media player or cd xp burner at the highest quality possible.

If I forget to lower quality settings when I burn for other people or my car they wont work.

  Tracey Hendra 19:23 13 Jul 2018

Thank you both for the quick replies. They're all original cds. I never thought about replacing the cd unit, i automatically thought i'd have to replace the whole thing lol

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