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  Simsy 19:39 24 Jan 2010


2 questions, one specific, one generic...

I am in the process of setting up a new laptop for a friend. She has given me her (genuine Microsoft) Office Home and Student 2007 disc, purchased for approx £60 a couple of years ago, (or thereabouts)...

It's in a DVD case...

However, I've copied the contents to the HDD, to install from there, rather than the DVD drive, (as I find the process quicker and quieter that way!), and the contents of the disc seem to total a little over 300Mb.

Now this will easily fit on a CD...

So why is it on a DVD?
Or is it really a CD in a DVD case?

And as a follow up, in a generic sense, is there anyway of telling, JUST BY LOOKING AT IT, if a disc is a CD or DVD?

At work we are often required to burn audio to disc, but the discs are supplied on an ad hoc basis by the requester. They are completely plain and on occasion we've been given DVDs instead of CDs, or vice versa. Experience means I can usually tell by the colour of the disc... but not always...

Are there some specific markings to indicate one from the other does anyone know?




  Simsy 19:59 24 Jan 2010

Paddylad... Yes I knew you could do that... I wondered if there was a way of telling just by looking at the disc.

Mr Mistoffelees... So it's a CD then?



  Simsy 20:01 24 Jan 2010

I've just realised that on the system requirements list is lists;
CD-ROM or DVD Drive
Which suggests that it is indeed a CD.



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