CD not recognized

  ordep 10:34 24 Feb 2010

Various photo CDs are not being recognized by the computer.
I'm at a loss as to why this is happening. Can any one shed any light on this please.

  MAJ 10:48 24 Feb 2010

Are you having the same problem with other CDs in the same drive? Have you tried the photo CDs in another computer to see if they are recognised?

  jack 11:03 24 Feb 2010

In additions to MAJ's questions try these too
Are the CD's of your own 'burning' or from another machine?
What ever that answer when were they made?

If the problem persists - try another type of CD in the drive[Software or music] to establish the drive is functioning.

If after all this try a CD file recvery program,select from

click here

or select from

click here

  ordep 12:29 24 Feb 2010

Thanks for your responses.

This is getting weirder.
I've just tried a music CD and with no response.
(I've 2 drives, both not working) should have mentioned that earlier, sorry.

d/l a free recovery tool box as above but, its telling me there is not a CD/DVD in the drive, and in fact there is.

On both drives, the little light flickers a short while then stops.

  MAJ 12:34 24 Feb 2010

Do the drives show in "My Computer" (or Win7's equivalent)?

  Audio~~Chip 12:35 24 Feb 2010

This sound like your Registry Filters are corrupt. A simple Script tool will cure this. No harm in running it but I will have to source it first. Their is manual Registry edit but can be tricky to do if your not familiar with your registry.

Are you using XP, Vista or 7 ?

  Audio~~Chip 12:41 24 Feb 2010

verisions. Click on the "Microsoft Fix It" icon in middle of screen about half way down. Restart Machine after and let us know of the result.

This is Microsoft Kb 314060 at the following link

click here

  ordep 12:43 24 Feb 2010

Drives C & F + floppy are showing in 'My Computer'

  ordep 12:50 24 Feb 2010

Microsoft Fix it is saying Click system & security, this isn't in my control panel

  MAJ 12:52 24 Feb 2010

The autofix is only for XP and Vista, the recommendation for Win 7 is click here

  MAJ 12:56 24 Feb 2010

If you need to do it manually, follow the steps in the Vista section to remove the UpperFilters and LowerFilters. I don't use Win 7, so I can't be sure that those registry keys are there but I imagine they are. Be careful when in the registry, don't remove anything else.

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