in cd by nero, and xp

  ratface 12:33 20 Apr 2003

have upgraded from me to xp now i find incd is not compatible having used incd to format cdrws and using irfanview to view images on the cds my situation is these images are inaccessible to me.
anyone out there resolve this for me please

  HawkeyePierce 12:53 20 Apr 2003

Is it that the InCD software isn't working, or that you were using v1.3 before? which is incompatible with v3 (the version needed for XP).

If you USED to use v1.3 then there's not a lot you can do except get a mate who uses 1.3 to copy them onto a CD-R so you can transfer onto RW again.

On the other hand I have never managed to get InCD to work on my XP system. Would always lock up when formatting a disk. Even disabling CD Burning in XP's properties (to remove the Roxio licensed burning from XP).

Not much use to you I know, but that's my experience of XP and InCD........

  ratface 13:36 20 Apr 2003

thanks for imfo 2 days ago xp was installed, when up+ running incd had vanished attempting to re install got the prompt incd wouldnt work with xp being incompatible at this stage i suspect its the earlier version of in cd i have.I am hoping there is another way round it otherwise i'll go down the route you suggest thanks

  HawkeyePierce 14:09 20 Apr 2003

There is a version of InCD that works with XP, but any CD-RW formatted with earlier versions will not be usable in the new one. All you can do is format the disk in Nero then re-format it in InCD. Obviously you'd lose any contents of the disk this way though.

  david.h 08:58 21 Apr 2003

Have you disabled the xp cd buring program, then reinstall nero and incd from the nero cd then go straight to the nero web site and update to the latest nero and incd versions. I had this problem and this optioon worked ok for me.


  ratface 16:00 21 Apr 2003

thanks david h, no i havent tried that i got so brassed i reverted to me so i will try it & see what other problem is with microtek 3600 scanner xp tells me microtek hasnt provided an upgrade for it.i will reinstall xp

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