CD to MP3 + Fade

  peter4076 12:59 11 Feb 2005

I make various MP3's from my CD's to my CD-R or my MP3 player, my question is sometimes I want to cut short the piece I'm recording, but obviously that would sound abrupt on the actual is there some way I can fade out the digital recording, and if necessary fade in on certain recordings, on the old Vinyl to Tape recorder you would just slowly remove the signal, same as CD to Tape, CD to MP3 !!! Am I asking to much. The software I use for the MP3 conversion is " CDex " Your knowledge & Input gratefully received.

  fuzzyone 13:04 11 Feb 2005

click here

Angus, this is the program I use, very simple and basic, yet does a perfect jon of cutting, fading etc.

  peter4076 13:31 11 Feb 2005

Thankyou very much fuzzyone I've downloaded it on the free trial.....I'm not thick but where do I find the fade button I've been all over it, I'll take that back I am probably not the sharpest knife in the draw at the moment, but other than paying for the full monty is it available to me, because I can't find it.

  fuzzyone 13:39 11 Feb 2005


the fade in and out button comes up when you have selected the track you are cutting/fading, and are ready to save it.

  peter4076 14:02 11 Feb 2005

Cheers for making the effort and your swift resoonse, I've got to go out now for a few hours, then will have go at some cutting and fading. Once again thankyou.
i will tick.

  peter4076 14:03 11 Feb 2005

Not resoonse but reponse.......Doh

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