CD To MP3 Convertor

  david4637 13:40 17 Nov 2003

I would like to archive some of my CDs to MP3.
1. Can you please suggest some Freeware only sources?

2. Is there Freeware S/W out there that can handle many different format conversions in one package?

Thanks David

  holly polly 13:47 17 Nov 2003

gday dont know about freeware,though i use nero with the mp3 pro plugin works very well -regards -hol pol...

  holly polly 13:50 17 Nov 2003

click here
one here trial so you would have to uninstall and then reinstall -still looking -hol pol...

  leo49 13:59 17 Nov 2003

There are plenty of free ones to choose from and each has it's advocate. For ease of use and range of bitrate variability, I favour dbPower

click here

  holly polly 14:00 17 Nov 2003

click here
loads here -hol pol...
click here

  david4637 14:02 17 Nov 2003

Thanks for your replies, but I am looking for freeware in the first instant? I have Nero 55 but you only get a limited number of CD to MP3 conversions. Thanks David

  christmascracker 15:07 17 Nov 2003

The link given by leo49 is a free one.

It's very good too!

  pinka 15:13 17 Nov 2003

jet audio is another good one with burn function too click here

  brimarie 18:08 17 Nov 2003

Musicmatch is very good

  Kate B 18:14 17 Nov 2003

Apple has released iTunes for Windows - it's free and lovely - much better than Musicmatch, though that has its fans.

  david4637 17:12 18 Nov 2003

I looked at iTunes, but I don't think its free, you get a free trial period, but usually it has an expiry date, and stops working. Thanks David

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