CD Labels - Heeeelp!

  Brezza 20:29 01 Jan 2006

Hiya peeps,

i got a kinda wierd question about making cd lables, i was wandering if it was possible to just simply use a program to make one, print it out on normal paper and stick it to the CD?

Im kind of a skinflint and cant be arsed to buy cd labels so i was just wandering if normall paper would do the trick and if there was some kind of special cd adhesive to attach it?

i dont wanna go using any old glue incase it damages the CD.....

Any ideas?!

Many Thanks :)

  Brezza 20:39 01 Jan 2006

lol no im not i just wanderd if it was possible, like i said its a wierd question i just wanted to know?

  Brezza 21:05 01 Jan 2006

Ok cool Thanks :)

I Wasnt gonna even gonna try it wihout asking someone first just in case lol

£1.50 for 100?!?! geeze your getting a good deal, i can find any on the net for less then about 15-20 quid...they all seem to come with some kind of pressing device i think thats why they cost more...

  woodchip 21:30 01 Jan 2006

And you need a Applicator as you cannot get it central without plus once on it on for good, you cannot move without destroying the CD DVD

  Brezza 11:07 02 Jan 2006

Thanks alot guys, aome good info there i never knew about :)

Nice one SG Atlantis, didnt think to look on ebay, i must have had a blonde moment there ;)



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