CD Labels - Heeeelp!

  Brezza 20:29 01 Jan 2006

Hiya peeps,

i got a kinda wierd question about making cd lables, i was wandering if it was possible to just simply use a program to make one, print it out on normal paper and stick it to the CD?

Im kind of a skinflint and cant be arsed to buy cd labels so i was just wandering if normall paper would do the trick and if there was some kind of special cd adhesive to attach it?

i dont wanna go using any old glue incase it damages the CD.....

Any ideas?!

Many Thanks :)

  SG Atlantis® 20:32 01 Jan 2006

you are having a laugh

  Brezza 20:39 01 Jan 2006

lol no im not i just wanderd if it was possible, like i said its a wierd question i just wanted to know?

  SG Atlantis® 20:56 01 Jan 2006

my local computer shop sell labels for £1.50 for 100. that 1.5p each.

I wouldn't recommend what your suggesting, no, and I doubt anyone else would.

You'd run the risk of damaging whatever cd player you play the disk on. CDs and dvds spin at very very high speeds, glue and normal paper would cause an imbalance. The cd would wobble like mad, get stuck or even break in the player and perhaps take the player with it.

  Brezza 21:05 01 Jan 2006

Ok cool Thanks :)

I Wasnt gonna even gonna try it wihout asking someone first just in case lol

£1.50 for 100?!?! geeze your getting a good deal, i can find any on the net for less then about 15-20 quid...they all seem to come with some kind of pressing device i think thats why they cost more...

  SG Atlantis® 21:10 01 Jan 2006
  maz2 21:25 01 Jan 2006

I wouldn't stick any labels on at all you'll find over a period of time that they stop playing all together, I have a lot that I put labels on that a now useless, invest in printer and printable discs, a much better option

  woodchip 21:30 01 Jan 2006

And you need a Applicator as you cannot get it central without plus once on it on for good, you cannot move without destroying the CD DVD

  Brezza 11:07 02 Jan 2006

Thanks alot guys, aome good info there i never knew about :)

Nice one SG Atlantis, didnt think to look on ebay, i must have had a blonde moment there ;)



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