CD goes pop

  steamboat 21:59 22 Nov 2003

Has anyone heard of this before last night I had a mohaa cd in my CD/RW playing online, it worked fine. this morning with the cd in the same CD/RW (untouched) I started to play again only this time I used the CD rom drive to play Max Payne2, I heard a churning noise, before I could do anything I heard a bang, thinking it was a fuse or electrical fault I was quite surprised that I was still playing Max Payne. Then at the end of my playing session I tried to get mohaa out of the CD/RW but it wouldn't open. Took out CD/RW from computer to hear rattle rattle my disk had smashed inside CD/Rw, cleaned it out and thankfully it's working still but just wondering if anyone has heard of that before and what might have caused it

Many Thanks

  sil_ver 22:07 22 Nov 2003

Apparently this is a not unknown phenomena. Twas probably a faulty disk which the faster CD-ROMs caused to shatter. You can probably get a replacement disk from the supplier

He had a copy about 3 year's ago of Win 98 SE that someone had given him....

Put it into his 52x drive and a minute later me, my mate and someone else jumped right out of our skin's because the disc shattered and made a huge bang!

Just one of those thing's....

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:15 22 Nov 2003

Mine did excatly the same other day,i think its the silly box it comes in it not big enough to hold both cds and makes little crackes in em when you keep taking then in and out luckily tho i can still play the game.


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