CD Encryption Problem

  Rubroy 14:01 31 Oct 2003

I am using win XP. Until recently I was quite happily using a programme called CD-Lock fom PC This programme very efficiently and simply encrypts anything on a cd - cdr,cdrw. floppy or most other recocording or backup media. All you need to start is the software and choose a password. You can then encrpyt anything- including jpgs and other format photos- so that when the cd is removed from the drive, it is unreadable to anyone withouth the password. I mean really unreadable. My problem is thatI encrypted several discs having copied pictures from my hard drivewith Nero and also by just drag and drop.All was OK until one day I came to read the discs and Horror upon Horror they would not decryt. The password was ok but no joy. PC Magic said they had no idea what the prolem was and I even sent a cd to them in the US to see what could be done about it . They e-mailed me back and said ithad decrypted perfectly well on their machine (I sent them the password)so it must be my machine. I am stuck. Anyone out there know anying about this programme or what the problem may be? I know this is a long shot but I have lost about 10 cd's/ cdrw's full of images!

  AndySD 18:40 31 Oct 2003

To put you back on top

Have you uninstalled then reinstalled the encription program?

  Rubroy 10:16 02 Nov 2003

Hi Andy,
Thanks, but yes I have tried uninstalling etc- several times. Actually though I should perhaps explain that the state of the programme on the hard drive is immaterial. CD-Lock works by setting up software on the CD or whatever removable medium is being used at the time the backup or download is made. It incorporates a password of the user?s choice to allow access to it. Any files added to the disk at this stage remain readable as long as the disk is in the PC. As soon as the disc is ejected the software on it encrypts the contents and it can then only be read by entering the password. The disk has become and independent encrypted medium and can be taken to any machine running XP and as long as the holder of the disk has the password it can be read in the host machine, which does NOT need CD-Lock installed.

When the disc is accessed a dialogue box asks for the password and when this is entered it decrypts the files and allows access. The files can be of any type - word processed, picture files, photos, sound bytes etc. At this stage, they can be copied, removed, read, added to or deleted (in the case of appropriate media e.g. CDRW). When the disc is ejected it is automatically encrypted again without recourse to the hard drive at all.

In my case, the problem is that when I enter the password the password the pc hangs and can only be rebooted from the reset button or a hard boot. This does not solve anything as when I try to read the disc again, the same thing happens.

PC Magic cannot offer any explanation and at their suggestion I even sent them a problem encrypted disc to their works in the USA, together with the password. They ran the disc on their machine and it decrypted with no trouble so the problem would seem to be with my machine. PC Magic co. is as foxed by the situation as I am. I have several unusable CD coasters now and unfortunately lots of archived files.

I should add that the system has worked for me earlier with the same disks that are causing me problems now, which makes it all the more frustrating!

Any other suggestions? I really have no idea how to tackle this one.


  Jack D 10:27 02 Nov 2003

Are you using CD-RW disks over and over?

"I should add that the system has worked for me earlier with the same disks that are causing me problems now, which makes it all the more frustrating!"

The problem MIGHT lie with the disks. Have you tried making one with a new disk?

  AndySD 13:25 02 Nov 2003

Have you tried setting the cd drive to DMA or even disabling DMA?

  Rubroy 19:04 02 Nov 2003

Jack D.
Yes I have tried using new disks. Same results.

Andy SD

No - I'm not Au Fait with this. What would this entail and what does it do? What is DMA and how would I go about it?


  AndySD 19:17 02 Nov 2003

click here and have a read.

  Rubroy 13:46 03 Nov 2003

Thanks Andy,

I have absorbed all that and checked it out. All my setting were at DMA assesed so the situation regretably has not changed.


  Rubroy 13:49 03 Nov 2003

Sorry for the errors. My system was already set to DMA.


  AndySD 16:05 03 Nov 2003

Try changing the cd on the secondary IDE to PIO (This is a technique whereby the system CPU and support hardware directly control the transfer of data between the system and the disk)Some older drives work better with this.Sorry I should have stated this before.(Updating Nero may have set this to dma if it was PIO before)

  Rubroy 10:17 08 Nov 2003

Jack D, Andy SD,


Thanks to everyone for their help with this problem. Although none of the suggestions led directly to a solution, your input set me to thinking straight about it and I am pleased to say that I have more or less recovered everything that was lost. From trials made at your suggestions, I came to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with my setup or the pc hardware as such.

After much research, I also came to the realisation that the trouble lay partly with the fact that discs prepared on one OS are not necessarily readable on another. Some (not all) of my CD?s had originally been written on an older PC running Win98. I am now running XP. Furthermore, several different CD writing systems had been involved, for instance HP SimpleTrax , which is not compatible with XP, Nero Burning and Nero Wizard, as well as the basic Win 98 and XP?s drag and drop. There were a mixture of CDRs and CDRWs which complicated matters too. I still do not know why, since the CD-Lock programme encrypted the mixture of CDs it would no longer decrypt any of them. I finally had another look at the ?use a new CD? suggestion a from another angle and copied an encrypted CD, using basic copy and paste technique with win XP and while the CD was in the transitory stage, copied the original download of CD-Lock to the staging area. I found then that the new copy (on a CDR) would decrypt OK with the password and functioned as intended thereafter.

Most of the other troublesome CDs responded successfully to this treatment although it was not totally satisfactory where CDRW?s were involved. One has responded OK but I still have a couple that will not. I?m working on that but since they were not irreplaceable CD?s I can live with it.

My lesson learned is not to assume that one?s backup system can always be relied on! Like a lot of other people, I had assumed that a CD was a CD no matter how it was ?burned?. Now I know differently and for anything I really want to preserve, I shall use belt AND braces- and be very wary of secure encryption systems!

Thanks for you help ? it really did get me thinking straight.


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