CD and DVD burning software.

  vaughan007 09:46 16 Mar 2005

Hello everyone,

Just got a PC with a DVD writer.

Unfortunately I dont have any burning software at the moment.

Which software would you advise me to buy...or even better if there is any freeware out there I would love that!

Cheers all.

  TomJerry 10:07 16 Mar 2005

Free one: CDBurnerXP Pro click here

If you want to buy one, Nero is the best, you can download full working demo version from click here

You can get OEM version of Nero for around £5 which lacks a few extras, but most people do not need thos "extras".

  zemdarin 11:06 16 Mar 2005

Hi Vaughn
If you already have Windows XP you only need to drag what you want to burn into the drive letter of your burner. That will open a folder for you to burn direct to CD or DVD. If you want something to do a bit more with, the suggestions given are fine. There are a lot of free burning programs out there, just put into google what you want.

  vaughan007 11:49 16 Mar 2005

Thank you both.

Your help is much appreciated as always.


  TomJerry 11:55 16 Mar 2005


  zemdarin 09:46 17 Mar 2005

Yes sorry you are right but I thought it was for CD as well as DVD. It was just for CD for starters in using the XP burning facility

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