cd into dvd

  campal 19:31 19 Oct 2003

is there a programme that i can use to allow my cd drive to play dvd`s

  expertec 19:44 19 Oct 2003

It's physically impossible, a different laser is needed to read/write DVD discs. A DVD drive has two lasers, one for CDs and on for DVDs

  expertec 19:48 19 Oct 2003

if it was possible I'd have done it myself already ;-)

  campal 20:32 19 Oct 2003

i thought that i read in a magazine that there was a programme that would do it, i must have been dreaming!!

  PA28 21:42 19 Oct 2003

There is a way of cramming more data onto a CD-R by means of DVD writers that support this mode. This is actually the reverse of what you are asking, but I suspect it might be the basis of the article you saw?

  expertec 14:25 20 Oct 2003

Did a search on the web, found this on another forum:

"is there a way to make your computer read your cd-rom drive as a dvd drive even though it isn't?"

"What do you mean -- do you want to read DVD discs with your CD-ROM drive? If so, unfortunately it's not possible, since these two technologies are pretty far from each other even that their discs look the same"

  Stuartli 16:18 20 Oct 2003

The DVD laser beam read gap is much smaller than that for a CD.

The FreshDownload website has an offer of software to (presumably) compress DVDs to fit on a CD-R, but the quality will probably not be too clever.

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