cd drives won't read disks

  gfdjdstr,dl 21:13 10 Nov 2003

Both my dvd drive and cd writer drive are not recognising disks when they are inserted, however, if I reboot with the disk in the drive they recognise it. I can still play music disks without any problem.
If I use explorer and try to open the icon drive d (dvd) announces that drive is not accessible and e (writer) opens an empty window regardless of what is on the disk.
I've tried reinstallng drivers, checked all internal cables, I've even formatted my drive and reinstalled everything but none of this made any difference.
My dvd drive is a creative and originally came with a dxr3 card for playing dvds. Since I've upgraded my system (keeping the dvd drive)this wasn't required so I removed the card. I vaguely remember this being around the time this problem started and I've reinstalled the card but to no avail.
Any ideas??

  Cretin07 21:18 10 Nov 2003

hey man this totally happened to me too yesterday. and i had to reboot for it to be accessible and recognised. whats wrong do you think? im using windows xp.

  Cretin07 21:24 10 Nov 2003

you know how when the disk is read it shows the name of the disk etc, mine doesnt but i can access the data. and also my auto play doesnt work no more. i should open this in another thread,

  hugh-265156 21:41 10 Nov 2003

i get this if i use certain brands of cdrw is a bit choosy.

i have found paying slightly more for my media gives better reliability for me anyway especially if burning at a higher speed.if using value media i lower the burn speed and it usually reads it ok afterwards.

holding down shift when closing the tray stops the disc autorunning and sometimes if the drive doesnt read it doing this and then clicking the disc icon enables it to be read.

also ejecting and closing the tray again sometimes works too.

you might also want to try uninstalling the drive via device manager and restarting the computer,windows will find the drive and reinstall the drivers for it again.upgrading the drive firmware sometimes improves disc handling.

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