CD drives keep "disappearing"

  pcrubbish 20:19 18 May 2003

Every three months or my CD drives simply cease to exist as far as my system is concerned. The only solution appears to be taking the tower for a drive, re connecting everything, and up they pop. They play CD's when working and will burn, but will not allow games to be played.

A local pc doctor believes the problem to be a faulty motherboard, which was faulty at installation. Wultivision who put it all together completely disagree and refuse to replace or fix at their cost.

Does anyone out there agree with the faulty motherboard story. Has anyone else had problems with Multivision. Whats the best solution?

  Philip2 17:29 19 May 2003

You don't say what OS you are using i had this problem about three years ago with Windows ME i solved it by going to system in contol panel and uninstalling the CD Rom drive on reboot the system will reinstall the drive or drives also check the drive or drives are showing in the bios,Are the jumpers set to master and slave if you have two drives???.
Sounds a funny fault for a motherboard it has a fault or it hasn't not one that shows it self every three months.

  pcrubbish 18:38 19 May 2003

thanks Phillip. Cannot do it as the system cannot see the drives, so I cannot unistall them

  AMD 4 ever 19:07 19 May 2003

It is the drive. I had this and the CDROM was at fault....

  Philip2 13:57 20 May 2003

As i said is the jumper on the drive set to cable select instead of master.

  pcrubbish 23:17 11 Jun 2003

Changed CD drive. System recognises drives.As soon as try to set up game, off disc, system has a fatl error, then discs disappear again. Is it the motherboard,as I originally thought?
Multivision couldn't care less, as its out of warrenty, although the motherboard would appear to have been faulty in the first place

  keith-236785 06:51 12 Jun 2003

these games, are they by Electonic Arts by any chance?

i have this problem but only with Theme island and Who wants to be a millionair....

cant offer a solution though but drives reappear after a reboot.

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