CD Drives Identity Crisis

  daba 15:54 29 Nov 2003

After a recent Windows Media Player update, WMP insists my CDROM drive is F:, and my CD-RW drive is E:, even though I have them set in Control Panel the other way round (reserved drive letters).

With them assigned as they are, WMP complains of a digital extraction problem, and suggests switching to analog (not an easy option for me as I've took the analog cables off).

I could re-assign in Control panel, but then programs that require CD inserted in original installation drive would suffer having to use the CD-ROM drive (which is slower than the CD-RW).

Is drive assignment for WMP a registry setting I could tweak ?


  Stuartli 16:45 29 Nov 2003

I have exactly the same thing with WMP9 i.e. the D drive is listed as E and the E as D.

It doesn't make any difference when using the DVD-ROM drive to play audio, whilst I use Nero 5.5 with my rewriter.

It must be some sort of a bug and one seemingly not important enough for Microsoft to eliminate for the moment.

  Stuartli 16:49 29 Nov 2003

Both my drives are set for analogue.

Using a rewriter for other than burning purposes is likely to shorten its life considerably; best to use a CD or DVD-ROM for general use, including installation of software, as they are somewhat more robust than a rewriter.

Manufacturers' websites usually detail the life expectancy of their various types of drives, CD, DVD and CR-RW, in the specifications.

  daba 16:50 29 Nov 2003

thanks Stuartli, I guessed pretty much the same..

...although I believe it has done other damage on my PC. I run MusicMatch Jukebox, which now doesn't give any audio output for CDs. I think WMP has corrupted the software which allows access to the audio channels somehow. I am currently waiting on MusicMatch helpline for resolution. If relevant I'll pass it on

  daba 23:58 29 Nov 2003

I totally agree with your comments Stuartli, its just happened that way as I went through a period when the CD-ROM drive was 'troublesome', i.e. not wanting to read some CDs.

Anyway current configuration is:-

Sec.Master = CD-RW : set as F: in C.Panel

Sec.Slave = CD-ROM : set as E: in C.Panel

It seems like WMP insists on Sec.Master being next available drive letter after my 2 HDDs on Primary channel, and I want that to be my CD-ROM, so if that's the case then I guess I'll just have to swap the jumpers around so that the CD-ROM is master (E:), and the CD-RW is slave (F:).

God knows what WMP would have made of it some time ago when I had my CD-Reader set as "R:", and my CD-Writer set as "W:" (R_ead and W_rite ?)

I've trawled through MS WMP forums, only thing I found is that someone replaced ASPI32.EXE when his WMP9 stopped playing CDs altogether, he didn't say if he'd upgraded to latest version.

Anyway, riding bareback on this WMP "can't digitally extract" issue, is the problem that MusicMatch Jukebox now doesn't give me any audio at all from either drive.

WMP9 and MMJB co-existed before update of WMP so I suspect some sort of channel/resource/allocation conflict is preventing MMJB from accessing the digital audio streams correctly.

I'll wait and see if anyone else can shed some light, and wait and see what MusicMatch say, then I'll post back.


  daba 12:55 30 Nov 2003

^^ bump

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