cd drive problem

  david.h 09:24 25 Oct 2003

unable to access dvd drive or cd drive warning comes up e/ drive inacessable incorrect function.
any one offer any heflp before i reformat as a last option. using xp pro, tried system restore a couple of time but no help there.

  JIM 09:40 25 Oct 2003

Have you tried un-installing drives from the device manager,then let winxp reinstall on reboot?

  JIM 10:04 25 Oct 2003

may be worth doing a sfc /scannow from the start/run command first in case of missing files.
Have your Winxp disk handy if required.Rem the space if typing in sfc scannow as above.

  david.h 10:29 25 Oct 2003

going to try reboot and reinstall first then sfc thankds for the tips. fingers crossed.

  david.h 12:10 25 Oct 2003

the two suggestions jim did not work, I have since deleted my incd / nero software and the registry settings and the cd drive and the dvd now both work but as soon as i reload nero incd the problems start agian both of these programs have worked well for several years but now they seem to have corrupted my drives[version 5.5 nero supplied with a lg drive i bought still using the same drive]also i cannot update my nero now to latest version of 5.5 as i need a serial number my nero never came with one and update from the web site ok before.

still open to advice as i no longer have any cd/r software

  JIM 13:48 25 Oct 2003

Have you installed any other burning software before the problem arose?

Do you have the LG NERO,5.5.76 Kit that came with your drive?

You seem to have fathomed out why,or at least what software may be causing the problem.

But there must have been a change on your system for it to happen after working well for so long.

Pity you did not check when you cleaned out the registry for the poss serial num that Nero "may" have put on your system,even though it came with your LG drive.

You could try going back with a systems restore which may give you the chance to see if any Poduct ID comes up or indeed if there is any change to your dvd drive or cdrw drive.

I am reading you as,problem is when you install INCD after the Nero burning software has been installed?

If not,Try only installing Nero, not "INCD"

Nero also have clean tools to download which may help you to get rid of any of there "exe driver" bits.
Worry about updates later when you have your system back to how it was.

  david.h 14:57 25 Oct 2003

not got any other burning software, xp option has always been turned off re burning CDs, I tried to reload the original nero CD to get the registry number but as soon as i trid to load nero the drives size up, tried loading INCD that loads but does not show any registry serial numbers as shown on the ahead web site. Windows knowledge base shows similar problems with other CD burning software but not nero that was why i tried deleting it.

i have norton antivirus/firewall upto date and have never had a virus that i know about. i am totally puzzeled and getting doubts if all the work involved in a reformat will help.

any further tips welcome

  JIM 16:28 25 Oct 2003

Agree reformat for what you discribe seems drastic at the moment and i take it that you could load any other software programs from that drive if you wanted to.

If that be the case can i suggest (temp. measure)that you go to the Nero site, "select only package 1"

click here

click here

and download the demo version of Nero 6 Ultra then see what transpires.A long download if you have no broadband connection,but may prove a point or two.

  david.h 17:06 25 Oct 2003


thankyou for the continued effort, this too has failed asking for serial numbers, i am thinking now of buying nero 6 full package but our local pc shop sells it at over £50 not got that free at present through and do not have a credit card for online purchase.

hence still desperate, only recent programs added are upgrades of xp,norton,realplayer and quicktime i presume one of these took exception to nero?

  ardvarc 17:10 25 Oct 2003

Have a look at the top download. It might help.

click here

  david.h 18:18 26 Oct 2003

re formated and reloaded everything, nero incd both work ok and with latest down loads, still cant access my cd drives or dvd drive in autoplay or explorer not even my computer, the workaround i found was to open nero burning rom and treat it as a mini explorer to open the cd,s then all is fine,. with no nero all works ok.
anyone else had this a can offer a better fix

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