CD Drive not recognising changed CD

  Charlie Babbage 15:52 10 May 2006

I insert CD-ROM (1) into my Samsung CD/DVD RW Combo drive and I can view all the files on that CD-ROM in My Computer.

I then eject CD-ROM (1) and insert CD-ROM (2). However, My Computer still lists the files on CD-ROM (1). The only way I can get it to display the files on CD-ROM (2) is to restart the computer.

When I go into Device Manager, the following are listed under 'DVD/CD-ROM drives':


Any asistance given to solve this annoyance would be appreciated. I am rumming Windows XP Professional SP2

  GaT7 17:19 10 May 2006

Does a refresh work? In Explorer, View > Refresh.

In Device Manager, right-click each & press Uninstall, click Apply, OK. Restart your PC. G

  ade.h 17:25 10 May 2006

I have had that happen once or twice and cured it by clearing the temp files out with CCleaner (including files that are less than 48hrs old).

  woodchip 18:30 10 May 2006

If you click on another drive before you put CD 2 in then open CD2 it should work ok

  pj123 18:44 10 May 2006

Agree with woodchip. Before you eject the CD click on another drive, C: D: etc then eject the CD and insert another. Then click back on the CD drive again. Usually works.

Alternatively, go to Device Manager, select the CD/DVD drive, then Properties, Settings and make sure that Disconnect and Auto Insert Notification are ticked.

  Charlie Babbage 07:57 12 May 2006

Many thanks to all you guys especially pj123 who seems to have an elegant solution!

Only one problem,when I go to Device Manager, select the CD/DVD Drive, then Properties there is nothing about Settings! When I open Properties, there are 5 tabs - General, Properties, DVD Region, Volumes, Driver and Details. When I click on the Properties tab you can select CD Player Volume and adjust Digital CD Playback but there's nothing about Settings!

No doubt I'm doing something wrong so if pj123 or someone else can enlighten me thta would be much appreciated

  pj123 10:27 12 May 2006

Sorry, I am running Win 98SE and just assumed that Device Manager in Win XP would be the same. Obviously not. Maybe the two options, Disconnect and Auto Insert Notification are not required for Win XP.

  ade.h 13:13 12 May 2006

Those settings are enabled by default and are unchangeable without a reg hack in XP, hence the absence of the options.

  woodchip 20:51 12 May 2006

Try downloading Tweak UI click here

Bottom yellow box. unzip it then right click the .inf file and choose install. It loads the icon into Control Panel, it's a handy set of tools that I use on my 98se desktop used it for years. You can repair system files rebuild shortcut icons etc plus I think it deals with the CD drive cannot just remember as I am on my XP Laptop at the mo.

  woodchip 20:58 12 May 2006

Sorry meant the above for Charlie Babbage

  Charlie Babbage 20:24 30 May 2006

Apologies for delay in getting back to you all.

Despite all the above help, I still have the same problem! I've tried Explorer > View Refresh but that does not work.

I've also tried reinstalling the CD and also the suggestion 'Before you eject the CD click on another drive, C: D: etc then eject the CD and insert another. Then click back on the CD drive again.'

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can try.

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