CD Drive (E:) not showing in boot options (F9) during start-up

  ActuallyImad 20:01 20 Dec 2014

I want to format my HDD, get rid of everything, Win7 included (I have installation files mounted to DVD). I've downloaded data destruction software[COLOR="#FF0000"]* [/COLOR] to safely wipe everything. Dariks Boot and Nuke is mounted on another DVD, and the instructions say to boot that DVD up during start-up, I found boot options in F9, but it doesn't have the options I remember boot options having, the only 3 things to boot up, and they are: Notebook Upgrade Bay - Notebook Hard Drive - and Notebook Ethernet.. I really don't remember any of those from times I've used boot options on previous laptops. Below is a link to the page i got the data destruction software from. I'd say I'd just leave the software and format the usual way, through disk management, but once formatted I'm just going to run into the problem of not having a CD choice in bootable devices. So either way I can't go ahead with any of these

I mean, if anyone has easier ways to format my HDD, windows included, that would be so appreciated, either of these ways are going to take a while to do, let alone to get working, I really appreciate any help anyone has to offer, thanks

  • Imad
  rdave13 21:37 20 Dec 2014

Re-set your BIOS to default if that is what you have. Why nuke the hdd? Formatting is good enough.

Third party software creates more problems in my humble opinion.

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