CD copy Disc to Disc RW problem,

  loaders 17:03 06 Jun 2005

In trying to copy an Audio disc to a blank disc using Roxio 6 using Disc Copier it gets to 53% of the overall progress and then stops showing one or other of the following errors.
ATAPI-Power calibration area is full
ATIPI-Invalid field in CDB
ATAPI-CDRW52XMAX-Seek,Synch.ATIP orMecanical positioning error(03/02/00)
ATIPI-CDRW52MAX-Invalid field in CDB.(05/24/00)
Any ideas of what my problem is and how to overcome it would be appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:06 06 Jun 2005

Why are you trying to copy to A CD rewrite?

Try copying to a normal CD Rom disc and at a lower speed setting

  loaders 21:32 06 Jun 2005

Fruit Bat/\0/Thanks for your prompt reply.I am using a CD Rom and I have tried writing at 28x and 32x but i get the same error message,should I try even slower.

  User-312386 21:41 06 Jun 2005

Rip it to the hard drive First

Sounds as if you are trying to copy "on the fly" and the disc is Write Protected

Rip it to HDD first then burn to disc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:16 06 Jun 2005

Check bufferunderrun protection is ticked.

  loaders 22:18 07 Jun 2005

Have tried that option under cache settings but when it gets to approx.50% of the overall progress counter it stops and shows the same errors,

  loaders 22:21 07 Jun 2005

Bufferunderrun is ticked,have tried various write speeds but get the same problem

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