CD Burning Questions

  gcs_uk 09:20 16 Jul 2003

I have Ahead Nero installed on my PC and am trying to make backup copies of some games which I have but I keep getting the message that the CDRom to whcih I am copying to has insufficient space.

How can this be ? Surely if both disks are 650mb then all the data from the original CDRom can be copied onto the backup.

Can anyone help.

I admit I am a total novice when it comes to cd copying and have only ever used the software with the use of the wizards.


  Jester2K II 09:26 16 Jul 2003

Most Games have copyright protection which will prevent you successfully copying a game anyway.

I believe one of these methods is to make the original disk appear to have more data on it than it has and therefore makes you unable to copy it.

Just be careful with your CDs.

  gcs_uk 09:30 16 Jul 2003

So there is no way round it ?

Does your last comment mean that if i am trying to make a backup I could damage the original disc ?

  Jester2K II 09:34 16 Jul 2003

No way round it.

What i mean is instead of making backups of your games just look after them. Put them in the case when not using them, buy CD Protector sheets which are sticky sheets you put over the data side of the CD to protect it. No-one NEEDS to make a Backup of a Game CD.

  gcs_uk 09:35 16 Jul 2003

ok thanks

  Terrahawk 09:36 16 Jul 2003

Jester2k has hit the nail on the head trying to copy the cd will not damage it what he meant was as you cant make backups be carefull with the origional disk so you dont accidently damage eg leaving it on the side out of its case

  smegs 11:19 16 Jul 2003

Gcs_uk, when U go to burn to disk, there R a YELLOW & RED line at the bottom of the screen, these can B set by Urself. So if the Red lin is set under 650mb U'll not B able to write to disk.

  Newuser1241 19:13 16 Jul 2003

when in Nero once file/data selected to copy if you click on File - Preferences- then will see multi tab set up that allows you to
a) set the time/position of the yellow and red tabs for Nero to warn you disc is getting full,
b) under the expert tab, set up for overburning e.g. allow larger than 750 Meg data to be written or squeeze liittle bit of extra info onto a disc.

  Jester2K II 19:48 16 Jul 2003

Still, neither smegs or Newuser1241's suggestions will help you get round the copyright protection.

  smegs 00:38 17 Jul 2003

We don't know it's a copyright problem yet!! ;-))

  Jester2K II 08:38 17 Jul 2003

To be honest I didn't say it was (although i did mention a method whereby the CD is made to look like it contains over 900mb data) What i was trying to point out is that game software has copy protection so even if the size problem was resolved gcs_uk still couldn't copy the games.

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